Welcome To Resistant Materials Services Group (RMS Group)

Foundry Division


Exothermic and insulating feeding aids
Monolithic castable and ramming refractory products
Degassers and fluxes for non-ferrous metal industries
Wide range of foundry consumables

Refractory Division

High temperature insulation:
Silicon Carbide Advanced Refractories
Ceramic Fibre products
Ceramic Fibre blanket 
Ceramic fibre textiles
Glass textiles
Insulation Fire Bricks
Vacuum-formed shapes 

Foundry Consumables

High Temperature Insulation

Hard Refractories

Refractory Coatings

Thermal Fabricators

Thermal Fabricators (also commonly known as THERMOFAB) manufactures a range of high temperature products such as expansion joints, bellows, compensators and other fabricated coated textile products.

Consistancy Reliability & Service